How to contact the insurance?

In the site : https://event.spb.eu
By mail: event@spb.eu
By post: SPB - Assurance Annulation de spectacle - CS 90000 - 76095 Le Havre Cedex

What do I need to file my claim?

During your claim submission, we will need several information, please keep at hand the following elements:

  • - subscription number (you will find it on your insurance certificate)
  • - tickets with the show references (date, time, show name)
  • - the date of occurrence of the loss

The claim must be submitted within 5 working days (except in case of theft when the deadline is limited to 2 days) following the event preventing you to attend the show and 24 hours maximum after the show date.


How to send my documents?

On the site: https://event.spb.eu
By mail : event@spb.eu
By post: SPB - Assurance Annulation de spectacle - CS 90000 - 76095 Le Havre Cedex

Why am I asked this documents again?

Several reasons mays lead us to ask documents again :

  • - the documents received are not complete,
  • - the documents are illegible,
  • - the documents were not received.
To avoid this to happen, please check before sending out documents that they correspond to the request (for example the purchase invoice enables to identify the item causing the loss, the item references must appear on the document as well as the purchase price).
Please check also the quality of the documents that you upload or send, if they are illegible, they will not be accepted for your claim.
Please also check the page « Check / Complete your file » in the site in ordre to receive confirmation of the reception of your documents.


What it my claim number used for?

Your claim number is the identification number for your claim. It enables you to:

  • - follow your claim on the site dedicated to insured: https://event.spb.eu
  • - add documents to your claim.

Remember to state this number in all your communications to our services.


How am I informed of the management of my claim ?

You may follow your claim management in the site logging in to your account.
You may also receive the information by email when an email address has been registered.

How long does it take to receive compensation?

Usually 72 hours are necessary for documents to be managed.

What should I do if the show is canceled by the organization?

Log on to the purchase site of your tickets, FAQ section and let yourself be guided.

Who will receive the compensation for the claim ?

The bank transfer will only be done into the subscriber account.

Can I recover my tickets once my claim has been paid for?

No, the tickets are kept by the Insurance.

I wish to waive my contract, what should I do?

You can waive your contract by logging in to your personal account.

The waiver right may apply in the following cases:
Your request must be made within 30 (thirty) calendar days from the conclusion of the contract.
It must not be submitted after the covered show date.
No claim should have been submitted to our services.

Change your personal date

Change your personal data?

To change your email address, your phone number, postal address or email:

  • 1. Log in to your personal account.
  • 2. Click on MY ACCOUNT
  • 3. Enter the new information, then click on SAVE


Create a secure password

How can I be sure my password is secure?
Using a secure and secure password for your personal space reduces the risk of someone else gaining access to your account without your permission.
Your password should be easy to remember, but complex enough not to be discovered.

Use at least 8 characters and avoid common combinations.
Make sure to create a password consisting of at least 8 characters and a combination of letters, numbers, and some symbols (for example, #, $,!).
To increase the security of your password, choose a single phrase that contains multiple words and symbols.
The longer your password, the harder it is to guess.
Avoid common words and do not use a combination of words and numbers. This combination is used too frequently to be secure.

Use a password manager
Password management tools are useful for storing and organizing your passwords.
This is a simple and effective way to get a unique and secure password for all your online accounts.

Forgotten password

Reset your password

Here's how to reset your password:

  • 1. Click on "Forgot your password?"
  • 2. Enter your email address and click VALIDATE
  • 3. Check your mailbox. You will receive a message to "Reset your password"
    Tip: If you do not see it, check your junk /spam folders or other folders filtered folders (e.g. if you use Gmail, the mail is probably on the Social Networks or Adverts tab)
  • 4. Click the password reset link in the email. A new web page opens.
  • 5. Enter your new password in both fields and clickSAVE.
  • 6. Return to the Event site and log in with the email address you used to reset your password and set the new one.

    It did not work?

    If you see the error message "This email does not match any account", please try again as above and use any other email addresses.

    If the password reset form has been submitted, but you cannot find the email:
    • - Check your spam / spam folders.
    • - Check other filtered folders (e.g. if you use Gmail, the mail is probably on the Social Networks tab or Promotions).

    The link in the email does not work?
    The link expires after 20 minutes.
    In this time you must reapply and proceed as above.


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